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English Cocker Spaniel
"Field Cocker"
2024 Puppies

              Prairie Prime Flushing Digger                                                      Prairie Prime Flushing Ellie



Natural Cover Breedings - 2/16/24 & 2/17/24
Whelp - 4/20/24
Rehome - 6/15/24

I never anticipated breeding Prairie Prime's daily use field cockers but after reviewing the talent and drive of our cockers and with the realization we own two very special dogs I wanted to give others an opportunity to own and experience these outstanding dogs. Digger and Ellie are daily use flushers and retrievers at Prairie Prime Wingshooting Club. After a hard day's work they come home and sleep in bed. You simply will not find better family companions than this breed. If you are looking for the perfect compliment to your pointing dog to provide flushing and retrieve work and also work as a duck dog you will not find a better breed. Make contact with me for more information. $1,500


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