Prairie Prime LLC is excited to offer training services in 2022 to our valued clients owning our "de Prairie Prime" and "pour Saint Hubertus" lines of Epagneul Breton. In order to receive specific information about pricing for our training services clients must own a Prairie Prime LLC gun dog or have an executed contract in place with Prairie Prime LLC for a future puppy. We are confident we can be your one stop shop for a high quality versatile gun dog with various levels of training to fit your specific needs. Our training services are performed by wild bird hunting professionals that own and are intimately familiar with Prairie Prime LLC Epagneul Bretons. We know how to bring the best out of the breed for upland bird and waterfowl hunters as well as for the family home. It is important to note our focus is on hunting dogs and not field trial dogs in our training regiment. We have found the Epagneul Breton to be a smaller and highly biddable dog and so we use those attributes when training our dogs to give the hunter as many advantages as possible in hunting birds. Our own dogs have been trained to hold point, flush on command, steady up on the flush, and finally to retrieve on command. If you are a current or future Prairie Prime LLC client and would like to learn more about our comprehensive training services please contact us.