Kronch Pemmikan Gun Dog Energy Bar

$29.99 for 2 bars

includes free USPS Priority Mail Shipping

  • High energy bar for working dogs, agility dogs, and hunting dogs.

  • High Energy Supplementary feed – each bar contains 2,400 + calories, boosts the energy level of your working dog.

  • Highly portable, a bar fits easily in travel equipment, no more bulky feeds or messy supplements.

  • Suitable for fattening up emaciated dogs and for lactating females which do not produce enough milk


638 kcal / 100 g, approximately 2,558 calories per bar


Lard, Vegetable Fat, Fish Meal, Dextrose, Corn Barley, Brewer’s Yeast, Rice, Sugar, Garlic


Crude Protein 24.0%

Crude Fat 59.0%

14 ounces (400 grams)


Our Kronch Pemmikan bar is a food supplement which looks and feels a bit like a thick chocolate bar. It is divided in 8 easy to snap off segments. It has an unusual smell which dogs don’t seem to mind and has a slightly granular texture. Reduces the stress dogs encounter in dog shows and in other similar situations maximizes performance throughout the day for training or trialing makes dogs more attentive and responsive excellent supplement for underweight dogs a great addition to any pet travel kit.

$154.99 for 12 bars

includes free

USPS Priority Mail Shipping

At Prairie Prime LLC we use Pemmikan:

*While Waterfowling for increased warmth 

*A Mid-Day Upland Hunt Energy Boost

*Supplement for our Lactating Females

*As a Convenient Meal Replacement

$214.99 for 18 bars includes free USPS Priority Mail Shipping

$11.99 per Bar Buy and Carry from One of Our 2 Pick-up  Locations