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Waiver and Payment

This private page is intended for the use of members and their guests. This page houses our release from liability waiver form, the Prairie Prime LLC terms and conditions, and payment processing for hunts. Clients may pay for their hunt using a debit or credit card. 

We ask that members do not give this page link out to anyone other than their guests in order for them to complete the release from liability waiver form and for them to read our terms and conditions providing acknowledgment and payment. 

Prairie Prime LLC requires members and their guests to complete a release from liability waiver form, terms and conditions acknowledgment, and provide full payment for each scheduled hunt prior to entering the ranch. There are no exceptions to this policy.

If you do not already hold an Oklahoma Hunting License you may use this link to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation to set up an account, then search for 10 day Commercial Hunt License for $5. You must have a valid hunting license with the ODWC to complete our waiver and payment. 

Process To Finalize Your Hunt

1. Each patron must read our Terms and Conditions

*Our Waiver Form as well as Payment requires agreement to our Terms and Conditions*

2. Each patron must complete the Waiver Form using the link below.
*The Waiver Form must be completed prior to entering the ranch*

3. Once Waiver Form is completed click the appropriate payment button.
*Full payment must be processed for each patron prior to entering the ranch*

1. Terms and Conditions

2. Waiver Form

3. Payment

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