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2020 "R3" Litter

This litter is sold out to hunter homes in Oklahoma, California, Kansas, and Texas

"pour Saint Hubertus"

    Pioneer Okie de Prairie Prime TAN WRT                                                      

Odette de L' Ardour TAN WRT




Successful Ties - Sept. 7 & Sept. 9, 2020

X-Ray Litter Confirmation - Oct. 30, 2020

Litter Whelped 5 Females - Nov. 8, 2020

Re-home - Jan 15, 2021

This is a breeding we have been working towards and anticipating for quite some time. The venerable de L' Ardour line of Epagneul Breton is one we are committed to carrying on in the United States through careful breeding practices as an important component in the creation of Prairie Prime's "pour Saint Hubertus" line. Both the Sire and Dam are amazing wild bird hunters and great retrievers in a vigorous package. We anticipate Pokie and Odette to yield offspring with incredible drive and a home demeanor 2nd to none. If you are mainly an upland bird hunter but enjoy waterfowling as well and are looking for elegance, speed, purity, and classic style in a white and orange package you have found it in our "pour Saint Hubertus" line. This line produces true prairie dynamos capable of working bigger country and they are spectacular to watch in the field. 


R3 Litter

R3 Litter

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