At Prairie Prime we believe there are two equally important factors in the fruition of a quality, finished gun dog. #1 is quality of the training and #2 quality of the breeding. The factor that is most overlooked by prospective puppy buyers is training. New gun dog owners can set their expectations too high believing a well-bred dog will go into the field and perform at a field trial quality level without training. Quality training for a gun dog is imperative for the dog to reach its potential in the field. Training a finished gun dog is an ongoing process taking 2-3 years requiring commitment on the owner's part in both time and treasure. Some dogs require less training, some require more. We have developed an appreciation for quality trainers over the years however, we encourage gun dog owners to take on the task of training their own dogs (just like we have done). By doing so owners will realize the best possible bond with their dog combined with the satisfaction of knowing they trained their field companion. In our experience there is nothing like hunting behind a family companion we have personally trained. However, we occasionally rely on experienced trainers for advice to help our gun dogs live up to their potential.


While training is vital for a gun dog to reach its full potential, a high quality breeding ensures the puppy has the necessary breed characteristics carefully developed over many years giving the dog the inherent ability to utilize quality training. Under best practices the last two decades by many ethical and reputable breeders in the United States a number of high quality breeding lines for the Epagneul Breton now exist in our country. At Prairie Prime Epagneul Bretons we are committed to using water proven breeding stock with outstanding pedigrees for our kennel acquired from a limited number of ethical and trusted breeders in the United States and abroad that comply to the highest levels of the original French standard to create our Prairie Prime line.


At Prairie Prime we encourage Epagneul Breton puppy buyers to educate themselves on important factors leading to a quality Epagneul Breton gun dog. Natural field ability, sound conformation, and excellent health of breeding dogs will always be documented by ethical breeders. Quality breeders will provide upon request the documentation: #1 proving the puppy parent's hip certifications either through OFA, PennHIP, or an equivalent international hip rating authority (preliminary evaluations from OFA are not the same as certified from OFA), #2 genetic testing certification guaranteeing the breeding dogs are not carriers of the Ay gene and guaranteeing puppies will not exhibit the sable coat color, #3 breed conformation evaluations performed only by a Club de l'Epagneul Breton of the United States approved expert confirmateur proving the parents are not only "Yes/Confirmed" in meeting the official UKC Conformation Standard for the Epagneul Breton but also showing a Conformation Quality Rating of a minimum "C-2 Very Good" or ideally a "C-1 Excellent", and lastly #4 documentation showing the parents have been field tested by a licensed field trial judge at a sanctioned field trial or testing event proving basic natural hunting and water retrieving qualities desired in pointing breeds (especially if the puppy buyer cannot personally see the breeding dogs in the field). By understanding the important factors that combine to form a quality Epagneul Breton puppy buyers are in a position of most potential to better guarantee they are purchasing a puppy produced from the highest quality Epagneul Breton parents. Buying a premium gun dog is a long-term and expensive commitment. We believe buyers are best served when full transparency is provided in order to understand exactly what is being purchased. Epagneul Breton puppy buyers should be able to confidently answer the following question with a resounding YES! Is the breeder I am purchasing my puppy from making a good faith effort to improve the Epagneul Breton gun dog breed by combining sires and dams with excellent pedigrees and transparent documentation for health, conformation, and field ability? 



At Prairie Prime Epagneul Bretons our breeding dogs meet 5 conditions that fully comply with and exceed the Club de l'Epagneul Breton of the United States (CEB-US) Registered Breeder Guidelines as well as the Breeding Policy and Recommendations set forth in the CEB-US Official Procedures for Confirming and Assigning Overall Conformation Ratings for the Epagneul Breton document published July 17, 2016 and updated in 2018.


1. Dogs that genetically tested negative for the Ay gene and will not produce puppies exhibiting the sable coat color.

2. Dogs certified after 24 months of age by OFA with hips evaluated as GOOD or EXCELLENT, or dogs evaluated         by PennHIP after 12 months of age with a distraction index of .49 or lower, or evaluated by an equivalent European certifying authority after 12 months of age with an "A" rating. 


**It is important to note that we DO NOT use OFA preliminary hip evaluations in our decision making process to breed a dog. Our breeding dogs will always have OFA, PennHIP, or European equivalent certified hips. It is also important to note hip dysplasia is the most significant health issue in the Epagneul Breton breed precluding the dog from  performing the tasks for which it has been bred. We take this health consideration very serious in determining the introduction of dogs to our breeding program. This is why we will never use preliminary hip evaluations in making breeding decisions. It is also why we choose not to use dogs with hips evaluated by OFA and certified as "Fair" even though it is considered to be within breeding standards. We have also made the decision to not add a dog to our breeding program with anything less than "A" rated hips from Europe as we view the European hip certification process as less stringent than OFA in the United States. We also have decided to not add dogs to the Prairie Prime breeding program with hips evaluated by PennHIP with a distraction index greater than .49 which is a more stringent evaluation than what is viewed as an acceptable breeding evaluation of .54 DI. Our goal is simply to do all we can as a breeder to produce puppies that are free from genetically inherited hip dysplasia.**

3. Dogs certified as confirmed to the Epagneul Breton breed standard by a CEB-US approved expert                             confirmateur and also rated in the show ring by a CEB-US approved judge as C-1 Excellent or C-2 Very Good

4. Dams having reached their 3rd heat cycle ensuring appropriate level of maternal maturity (around 2 years of age)

5. Dogs at a minimum having earned their TAN and WRT titles through UKC sanctioned field trial events


Our breeding dogs will always have their official conformation ratings, hip certifications, and UKC field trial titles published with the CEB-US on their website and on the Prairie Prime website (we also will post all Ay gene certifications and pedigrees on the Prairie Prime website) providing complete transparency for public consumption. By complying with our own strict breeding guidelines and providing transparent documentation we ensure our efforts in producing the Prairie Prime line of Epagneul Bretons contributes to the betterment of the breed in the United States of America. By breeding only high-quality proven lines true to the original French standard, we ensure our puppies are from certified healthy parents, certified conformationally sound parents, and by having minimum documented field performance titles required of our breeding dogs, customers of Prairie Prime Epagneul Bretons can rest assured our puppies are very likely to have inherited the hunting ability, health, conformation, and temperament of a premier Epagneul Breton.  

Prairie Prime Epagneul Bretons is committed to providing premier puppies at a great value. "Value" defined: quality and service as a function of price. Our puppies are priced at $1,400 for 2020. We are neither the least expensive nor the most expensive breeder of Epagneul Bretons. However, we are confident Prairie Prime provides the best value for an Epagneul Breton puppy in the United States. When looking at prices it is important to understand pedigrees along with services included for that price. At Prairie Prime we are transparent in our operation making sure our customers don't encounter surprises throughout the puppy buying process. Our puppy price is truly an all inclusive price. Prairie Prime includes permanent registrations with both AKC and UKC, microchip database activation fees, and dues for a one year club membership with both the CEB-US and the CTEBGDC for all puppies. Furthermore, we do all the work for you in completing the paperwork necessary for permanent registration and microchip activation. You just pick your puppy up and all the work is done! And our puppies will be well socialized through 8 weeks of age in a household of 5 people of different ages (both male and female), as well as with both their parents, litter mates, and our official puppy socializing specialists: a 6 pound Shih Tzu "Grumpy" and a 6 pound Papillon "Gizmo."

It is important to understand we do not personally perform any veterinary services on our dogs or puppies. All services on our dogs and puppies are performed by our Oklahoma State University educated veterinarian having 25 years experience with performance canines including the Epagneul Breton breed and who is a canine reproductive specialist. We only employ fresh vaginal artificial insemination or transcervical insemination breeding practices (we never perform intra-uterine surgical implantation) using our veterinarian in order to strictly control the environment for the safety of our breeding dogs, the overall health of our dogs and puppies, and to carefully manage the timing to ensure the best results. Our puppies will be vet checked multiple times in 8 weeks, receive their 1st series of shots and worming, have their tails docked to breed standard (if necessary), have a Home Again brand extra small microchip implanted, possess a 26 month guarantee for canine hip dysplasia, and be guaranteed not to carry theAy gene. Customers will receive a full health record from our veterinarian so their puppy's healthcare can easily be transferred to their own vet. After research including extensive consultation with our veterinarian we do not remove our puppies declaws. Why? Read this.....Do the Dew (Claws) . 

Prairie Prime Epagneul Bretons feeds Inukshuk Professional Dog Food. Prairie Prime is one of only a few authorized resellers of Inukshuk Professional Dog Food in North America. Inukshuk is the best food we have encountered (and we have tested many brands) yielding noticeable performance gains and superior coat conditions for our dogs. Inukshuk is formulated for high performance working dogs. Fats are to canines what carbohydrates are to human beings. In the past when hunting we would provide high fat supplements to help our dogs perform at their best until we encountered Inukshuk Professional Dog Food. Inukshuk delivers the highest quality fat and protein sources of any food we have tried and our dogs love the taste. Inukshuk is delivered in three different potencies using the same formulation. This fact allows our dogs needs to be met appropriately at different times of the year. We feed our puppies until one year of age the 26/16 formula, during offseason and training season we feed our adult dogs the 30/25 formula, and during the heart of the hunting season for two - three months when our adult dogs need the most energy and nutrition to quickly rebound from our versatile hunting endeavors we feed our adult dogs the 32/32 formulation. The quality ingredients of Inukshuk means less feeding, less cleanup, better performance, superior coat condition, and overall cost savings. If interested in purchasing Inukshuk Professional Dog Food click this link.


All puppy buyers will receive a current year membership paid by Prairie Prime to both the Chisholm Trail Epagneul Breton Gun Dog Club and to the Club de l'Epagneul Breton of the United States . Membership in our regional club and national club will give new owners a conduit to information, education, and involvement so owners and puppies can realize their full potential in the field. We encourage puppy buyers to pick their puppy up from our home where they can see the environment the puppy was whelped and socialized. If new owners cannot pick their puppy up at Prairie Prime we will deliver to new owners at a rate of $.75 cents per mile (one way rate) up to 300 miles from our kennel in the Oklahoma City metro area. If you live in excess of 300 miles from our home we are happy to meet you at an agreed upon location within the 300 mile radius of Oklahoma City at the $.75 per mile (one way rate). We NEVER ship puppies by air. Marginal delivery fees paid to Prairie Prime are less expensive for the buyer and the personal ground delivery process is significantly safer for the puppy compared to shipping by air. All delivery costs must be paid to Prairie Prime prior to the delivery date.

At Prairie Prime Epagneul Bretons we train our own dogs for the field and blind and are committed to demonstrating our breeding dogs total performance including: obedience by verbal command, hand signal, whistle, and ecollar, their retrieving ability on land/water, and most important their field work on birds to interested puppy buyers at our farm training location just north of Oklahoma City. We are confident the combination of our puppy price, the documented overall quality of our breeding dogs, and the level of service we provide creates one of the best values in the United States for anyone considering the purchase of a premier quality Epagneul Breton. If you are interested in a future puppy go to the reservations page for more information on the process for reserving a Prairie Prime EB puppy. If you have any questions please make contact with us and we will be in touch with you soon. We are happy to provide past buyer references from our Prairie Prime family to interested buyers upon request.