Prairie Prime produces a few litters of premier Epagneul Bretons annually. Prospective buyers can check the "Future Litters" page for our next scheduled breeding and whelp dates. Puppies are available to go to their forever home at 8-10 weeks of age which allows for appropriate socialization and maturation.  We require a $300 non-refundable deposit that gives the buyer a place in line to pick a puppy. The $300 deposit goes towards the puppy purchase price of $1,400 for 2020. Buyers may pay the $300 deposit by check, by using PayPal, or by using a credit/debit card. Please note we cannot guarantee coat color or sex of the puppy. We only guarantee the order of pick in the litter based on the order of received deposit funds. It has been our experience there is no 

distinguishable difference in hunting ability or temperament between males and females and all coat color combinations have strengths and weaknesses. So don't over think it when picking your puppy especially if you are one of the later picks in the litter. Everyone picks for different reasons and we can assure you that whatever choice is made you will grow to love your puppy! All picks for puppies occur at 5-6 weeks of age with pictures of available puppies being sent to the next in line to assist with their pick. Once a pick has been made the final payment of $1,100 is due by cash, cashiers check, or debit/credit card at the time of pickup. We will accept a personal check if received by 7 weeks of age to allow for clearing of funds. Puppies must have a name in harmony with the French naming convention. 2020 puppies must use a registration name starting with the letter R. All puppies from Prairie Prime will be registered with AKC and UKC as ex: Ruger de Prairie Prime. Starting in 2020 Prairie Prime reserves the right to the pick of our litters, but more often than not will make the first pick of the litter available to our clients.

Prospective puppy buyers may at any time go to the  Reservations  page to begin the process for purchasing a puppy. Once we have a conversation with prospective buyers they will be able to print and then fill out the "contract for purchase" form and remit a $300 non-refundable deposit with the contract to Prairie Prime. After deposit funds and the contract are received by Prairie Prime, buyers will be placed in the appropriate litter pick order. Once we are confident a pregnancy has occurred with a scheduled breeding customers with deposits on hand will be emailed the announcement. If a litter size is smaller than the number of deposits received customers may keep their deposit on hand at Prairie Prime and move up the pick list for a future litter or their deposit can be refunded by Prairie Prime. The litter size being smaller than the number of deposits on hand is the only situation that warrants a deposit becoming refundable. If you have questions please feel free to contact us.