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Dog food purchases subject to Oklahoma State and Lincoln County Sales Tax of 5.5%


*Single Bag Buy and Carry Prices

Our Pick Up Location:
Prairie Prime Ranch
Lincoln County, Oklahoma


At Prairie Prime we have tried many quality dog foods and nothing compares to Inukshuk Professional Dog Food. We keep all 5 formulas in stock and we feed 3 formulas with our dogs under different circumstances and have realized performance gains in the field, faster rebound, and superior coat conditions. And our dogs love the taste! We are proud to be one of the few authorized resellers of Inukshuk Professional Dog Food in North America and excited to bring this super premium kibble to the hunting heartland in the United States. We buy directly from Inukshuk in Canada by the pallet which allows us to pass on significant price savings to our clients. We feed Inukshuk and think you should to. All purchases must be picked up at our location in Oklahoma City, Wellston, or at Grand Lake in northeast Oklahoma. We do not currently ship single bags of Inukshuk as it's not cost effective. Our buy and carry prices in Oklahoma City, OK Wellston, OK, and Grand Lake, OK are listed above for the three different formulas. However, Inukshuk Professional Dog Food has a long shelf life (up to 2 years) if it is stored property due to the freshness valve bag technology. We do ship any bag formula mixture between 35-65 bags free of charge to your location at discounted bulk pricing (call for details). We encourage you to do your own research regarding the production process of Inukshuk and review the competitive advantage their formulas have in the super premium kibble market. We have attached videos below explaining some of their innovations and processes. Simply put, you will not find a kibble with higher metabolizable energy and superior fat and protein sources than Inukshuk Professional Dog Food. Nutrition is a vital factor to superior performance with working canines. Don't cut corners. Feed your dogs the best, feed your dogs less, and save yourself money!      
 Todd Farris - Prairie Prime LLC

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