Prairie Prime LLC

Terms and Conditions

For Members and Guests

1. Consuming alcohol before or during a hunt is strictly forbidden

2. All members and guests are responsible to immediately correct any unsafe conditions

3. If members and guests observe unsafe conditions please report them immediately to 405-400-0960 

4. Shooting is only to occur in authorized hunting/training areas and the wobble trap field

5. Never shoot at a target that you cannot clearly see and never shoot at a sound

6. Never shoot at a bird on the ground or on the water

7. Never climb a fence or obstruction with a loaded weapon in your hands

8. Do not carry a loaded weapon on the ranch until you are ready to hunt and are in an acceptable area to discharge a firearm

9. Members and guests assume all risk of handling firearms and being near others that have firearms in their possession

10. Members and guests assume the risk of ear damage from gunshots and are encouraged to wear ear protection

11. Members and guests assume the risk of injury to themselves and their dogs from ammunition while hunting and from shooting at clay targets from other guns.

12. Members and guests assume the risk for themselves and their dogs from walking in rugged country, including but not limited to: encounters with debris, fencing, barbed wire, wildlife, domestic animals and livestock, snakes, & insects

13. Members and guests assume the risk of injury to themselves and their dogs from riding in a UTV, on an ATV, or riding in any other motorized vehicle while on the ranch

14. Firearms must be unloaded and cased when entering and exiting the ranch; Never ride in vehicle with a loaded gun

15. Members and guests assume all risk of eye damage and are encouraged to wear eye protection

16. Guests under 18 must be with a parent or legal guardian who has a valid ID

17. No person who is a convicted felon may be a member or guest of Prairie Prime Wingshooting Club

18. Prairie Prime LLC reserves the right to inspect and deny use of any member/guest supplied ammunition, firearms, etc. 

19. No shotgun larger than 12 gauge may be used for any bird hunting, training activities, or wobble trap field 

20. Open breach shotguns SxS or OxU are the only acceptable shotguns allowed for upland bird hunting on the property

21. Carrying of any shotgun for upland hunting must be done with breach open until ready to discharge the shotgun

22. In case of misfire, point shotgun in a safe direction, muzzle pointed down, clear misfire and proceed with caution

23. Know how your firearm operates (i.e. controls and safety features); use only correct and reliable ammunition

24. Members and guests must collect used shotgun shells and dispose of them properly. Do not leave in the field

25. Members and guests must stay on the established road system with any motor vehicle at all times. It is understood the road system may be closed on certain days due to weather related issues. Members and guests assume all risk for any damage, flat tires, etc. to their motorized vehicles and trailers for while on Prairie Prime Ranch. 

26. Members and guests must be in full compliance with ODWC regulations and carry on their person their hunting license(s). It is understood Prairie Prime LLC does not sell hunting or fishing licenses to members and guests

27. Members are 100% responsible for the actions of their guest(s) and family members. Members must not be separated from guests or family members while on the ranch

28. Members and their guests must adhere to our game daily harvest limits currently at 15 quail and 3 rooster pheasants per hunter and for our Premier members and their guests a harvest limit of 20 quail and 4 rooster pheasants. It is understood all hunting parties must disclose and present their harvest for record keeping purposes by Prairie Prime LLC after their hunt and must have an official receipt with their game harvest when exiting the ranch

29. Hunting parties for upland bird and waterfowl hunts are limited to 3 guns

30. All harvested game must be processed and removed from property by patrons and it is understood Prairie Prime LLC does not process game for members and guests. Members and guests should bring a cooler and necessary tools and packaging to appropriately process their game. We operate under a simple rule: if you take the animal's life, please respect it, process it, and utilize the protein.

31. Members and guests must have a waiver signed and dated online in accordance with Prairie Prime LLC policies prior to entering the ranch to participate in any activity

32. Members and guests must fully pay for scheduled hunts online prior to entering the ranch

33. Absolutely no fire of any type will be started on the property by members and guests

34. Upland hunting hours are between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM during our specified hunting seasons

35. Wobble trap field may not be used prior to 8:00 AM at any time of the year and no later than 30 minutes before official sunset during off-season and no later than 5:00 PM during hunting season.

36. Patrons may not hunt any area (field and water) that has not been authorized by Prairie Prime LLC. Patrons must stay on their approved hunting course and waterfowl area at all times

37. Members upon entering and exiting property must always shut and lock the gate setting the combination lock to “0000”

38. Members must enter property with their guests and escort their guests off the property    

39. Members and guests should assume a Game Warden will inspect legal compliance with ODWC regulations at any time

40. Members, guests, and non-hunting guests must comply with ODWC safety regulations in the field concerning the wearing of Hunters Orange

41. Prairie Prime LLC reserves the right to escort any patron off the premises for not adhering to terms and conditions and for practicing unsafe activities

42. All patrons must exit the club no later than 30 minutes after official sunset during hunting season

43. Members and guests should be prepared to provide their own snacks and drinks while on the property

44. Members must carry their phones with them into the field for emergency communication

45. 4x4 motorized vehicles with high ground clearance are best for use on the property's road system

46. Patrons must keep their dogs under control at all times. Dogs may not be loose around office, parking area, barn, dog yards, or wobble trap field at any time. They must be leashed or on a tie out in these areas

47. Dogs may only be off lead in 3 training areas during off-season and while in approved hunting areas during hunting season

48. Prairie Prime LLC reserves the right to cancel any hunt due to illness, inclement weather, or safety considerations and will provide a full refund if Prairie Prime LLC must cancel

49. Members and their guests that cancel a hunt after they are paid are non-refundable but are bankable to be used in the future

50. Smoking is prohibited on the ranch except for the approved area around the office building

51. Membership dues are strictly non-refundable

52. Dry camping is allowed for members only in approved areas for a fee of $30 per night and only with prior approval. Prairie Prime LLC is not responsible for any damage to campers property incurred while on the ranch

53. Members and their guests accept full liability for any activity on our around the ranch's bodies of water including but not limited

to: fishing, wading, waterfowling, swimming, and boating. If patron cannot swim and/or is not willing to wear an approved floatation jacket while on or around bodies of water do not go around the water.

54. Off-season dog training is open to members only. Only member owned dogs may be on the ranch during off-season for any reason. Off-season dog training is only allowed in the 3 different designated training fields.

55. Members and guests must finalize payment for extra goods and services prior to exiting the ranch for the day including wobble trap rounds, drinks and snacks, ammo, any merchandise purchased at hunt camp, and rentals of equipment. Prairie Prime LLC accepts credit/debit cards, checks, and Venmo. It is understood members are fully responsible for their guests purchases at the ranch.

56. Members and guests are prohibited from entering certain designated areas at any time on the ranch

57. The ranch office building and barn are not accessible to members and guests without accompaniment by Prairie Prime LLC staff

58. Members and guests accept full responsibility for damage done to others property including vehicles and dwellings on or off Prairie Prime Ranch as a result of their shooting of a firearm. It is understood hunters should be aware of their surroundings including proximity to county roads and off ranch vehicles and dwellings when hunting. 

59. Members shall not disclose combination lock codes to anyone. Rule of thumb: if member unlocks anything they should lock it back when entering/exiting or when done at wobble trap field

60. Prairie Prime LLC retains the right to modify terms and conditions when deemed necessary

61. Regular Members and Premier Members must adhere to scheduled ranch closed dates and published off-seasons based upon their membership classification. Members will be notified of dates the ranch is not accessible.

62. Only members will enter wobble trap house and manipulate wobble trap machine for any reason

63. Prairie Prime LLC makes no guarantees in regards to the harvesting of birds during a hunt. It is understood the weather, the hunter's gun dog(s) ability, the hunters shooting ability and experience, and other factors are out of the control of Prairie Prime LLC.

64. Twilight Tuesday hunts may not begin until 12:00 PM and end no later than 4:00 PM. Harvest limits are 10 quail and 1 rooster pheasant.

65. The harvesting of hen pheasants is strictly forbidden

66. The intentional harvesting of game numbers greater than the assigned bag limits for each hunt is strictly forbidden. If any hunter engages in such activity their privilege of hunting at Prairie Prime Ranch will be immediately suspended.

Terms and Conditions must be agreed to by Members and Guests to participate in activities at Prairie Prime Ranch

Contact Todd Farris: 405-400-0960 with questions or assistance