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Prairie Prime Wingshooting Club Membership Details

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Prairie Prime Wingshooting Club. My vision for Prairie Prime LLC has been many years in the making and an endeavor I have wanted to pursue for nearly a decade. I believed so much in my vision for Prairie Prime LLC that I resigned from my career as a high school educator to devote full time energy to my passion. Prairie Prime LLC is addressing a serious need in the Oklahoma upland bird hunting marketplace. My vision revolves around what I always wanted in a club; flexibility that provides clients owning their own gun dogs with authenticity of the wild bird upland hunt, a convenient location, affordability of the services offered, privacy for the client, and a genuine respect for the tradition of the quail hunt. Please read through the information below and feel free to reach out to me with questions. I hope to show you around the ranch soon.   Todd Farris

Annual Member Wingshooting Club Fee  - $1,000
Member clients and their accompanied guests have access to the ranch for activities and hunting. The annual Wingshooting Club Fee provides clients access to the ranch approximately 10 months of the year. Membership allows hunts to be purchased at a discount as well as special privileges. The ranch is closed mid-March at the end of our upland season until the end of Spring Turkey season in mid-May. Ranch access is in effect for one year from the date of the signed client waiver contract and receipt of full payment of the member fee. Members receive a complimentary annual membership to Quail Forever with their Prairie Prime LLC membership.

Basics of the Prairie Prime Wingshooting Club 
*Members must always accompany their guests (including family)
*One invoice will be sent to the member for the entire hunting party for payment

*Full day hunts are $575 per gun on 2 reserved courses with bag limits per gun of 20 quail and 4 rooster pheasants. The full day hunt requires a minimum of 2 guns. Full day hunts include a complimentary off-site lunch. Upland bird hunting hours anytime between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM providing a flexible full day experience. The hunting courses are reserved just for your hunting party for the day and each gun receives complimentary use of our wobble trap field.
*1/2 day hunts are $325 per gun on 1 reserved course with Oklahoma bag limits per gun of 10 quail and 2 rooster pheasants. 1/2 day hunts may be booked for either 8:00-12:00 or 1:00-5:00. Each gun receives complimentary use of our wobble trap field.
*PM/AM consecutive 1/2 day hunt package for $700 per gun (2 gun minimum). Book a PM 1/2 day hunt with an AM 1/2 day hunt the next day and receive a hunt discount. A 2 gun minimum is required and the per gun price includes an overnight stay at Prairie Prime's off-site lake cabin. Complimentary off-site lunch after the 2nd day hunt is also included. This is a perfect hunt experience for our members and their guests faced with significant travel.

*Flushing Dog and Guide Service $100 1/2 Day Hunt and $180 Full Day 
regardless of hunting party size. Take your hunt to the next level using your own pointing dogs and hunting with Prairie Prime's Field Cockers providing flushing and retrieving work. Tips are not expected.
*In Season Field Training Run is available for $60 for members and their guests per person and includes use of one course for 1/2 day. No guns are allowed in the field. Training runs are subject to being bumped by a booked hunt. Training Quail are available for purchase at $12 per Bobwhite.
*Additional 10% off coupon (from discounted member pricing) is available for hunt season purchase for members only in September for $300 and applies to all Prairie Prime LLC hunts, dog food, lodging, and other products for the 2023-2024 hunting season (not applicable to the annual wingshooting club fee)
*Off-site local lodging is available at Prairie Prime's Hunt Cabin located at Bell Cow Lake (15 minutes from Prairie Prime Ranch) for a nightly rental charge of $200 with a maximum occupancy of 4 guests. Private parking, outdoor deck, satellite tv, wifi, washer/dryer, microwave, full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, non-smoking, dog friendly, 2 open air dog sleeping crates provided in cabin if requested..
*Non-hunting guest day ranch access fee is $20
*Kawasaki Mule SX XC outfitted for two hunters with gun racks and a 2 hole dog box with fresh bedding is available for an additional $80 for full day hunts or $50 for 1/2 day hunts
*Member clients may bring up to 3 guests to hunt birds. A family member is considered a guest. If the hunting party totals 4 guns the flushing and guide service is required to be purchased.
*Single person member hunts not only are acceptable but are encouraged for our 1/2 day hunts
*Hunting parties no larger than 4 persons are permitted
*Hunts are managed to provide authenticity of the upland bird hunt with the realistic opportunity to achieve bag limits. The weather, client/guest shooting ability, and member/guest gun dog ability are obviously out of the club control
*If an individual's bag limit is reached hunting parties may hunt for the group's total limit
*If bag limit is reached hunters may continue working dogs on birds under no-kill scenario
*Access to three hunting courses on 640 acres of ranch ensures every hunt is fresh
*Only double guns are allowed for upland hunting (OxU or SxS 12,20,28 gauge)
*No extra $ charge for waterfowl hunting on the same day of scheduled upland hunts
*ODWC and Federal licensing and regulations apply for all hunting activities
*Waterfowl hunting on multiple ponds/lakes on over 10 acres in the central flyway
*Permanent waterfowl blinds are in place on three different bodies of water
*Complimentary wobble trap year round for members  and their guests
*Hunt on your schedule, your terms, with your dogs, without a guide is what we encourage
*Great bird genetics yield strong quail covey rises and strong flying pheasants
*A comprehensive late summer release program for quail is implemented
*Intensive year round management of birds guarantees excellent bird contact 
*Wildlife habitat managed with the input of industry experts and upland bird biologists
*Privacy, Privacy, Privacy for members and their guests
*Lincoln County Game Warden patrols area around ranch consistently 
*Ranch is only 40 minutes from downtown OKC and 55 minutes from downtown Tulsa
*Combination to gates is provided to members to come and go as they please
*Train your dogs during off-season on Johnny House quail and racing homing pigeons (available June thru mid-October)
*Multiple dog tie outs in all 4 training areas for your convenience
*Club maintains a stocked quail Johnny House on the Saint Hubertus training field from June - mid-October for our client's use
*Club maintains a fully stocked racing homing pigeon loft to utilize (non-shooting) birds for training purposes
*Training quail available for $12 each during training season from June thru mid-October. An ODWC dog training shoot to kill license is required.
*Professionally maintained Porta-Potty is in place at hunt camp
*Bird cleaning station provided at ranch hunt camp for clients to clean their harvest
*Pro shop to provide the basics if you forget to bring them: snacks, drinks, ammo, etc.
*Hunt camp area to meet, organize your hunt, socialize with your hunting party after the hunt, play corn hole, sit by the fire pit, etc.
*Password protected member page on Prairie Prime's website to plan and schedule their hunt experience
*Maintained road system for members to navigate in a vehicle during hunts if desired
*Walking/biking trails and road system for off-season fun and exercise
*Fishing during off-season at one of the ranch's many lakes
*Pick all the blackberries you desire during summer harvest
*The perfect combination of a well maintained, convenient hunting preserve and authentic northwest Oklahoma mixed bag upland bird hunt
*Prospective members are highly vetted to ensure the ranch and all clients are respected
*The only days the ranch is completely closed for any activity to ALL members are Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, and approximately one month between mid-March (end of our upland hunting season) and the Turkey season opener in mid-April.

Compare Prairie Prime's value with the overall time spent traveling, the frustration of not finding birds, the expense for out of state licenses, travel, eating out, and lodging when trying to hunt public and private lands. The value that Prairie Prime LLC provides is obvious even without considering the added benefits of a year long membership that includes no additional cost waterfowl hunts, the training and conditioning opportunity for your dog(s), no extra charge wobble trap to improve your shooting skills, and off season fishing opportunities. Even if you describe yourself as a "wild bird hunter only" we encourage you to look at the benefits our club provides. Get your dogs ready during the off-season at Prairie Prime Ranch and then get a few hunts completed with us to tune up your dog in October/early November. And then come back in February/March to get your dogs back on birds after the wild season. Prairie Prime has all the necessary components in place for off-season training and for as close to a wild bird hunting experience you will encounter. I hunt wild birds too and the experience provided is no different, except that you will actually encounter birds. Lots of them! Our hunt price point is the best in the industry and we are quickly becoming one of the most unique clubs in the country. We produce Oklahoma's finest quail hunt and we are gun dog people working for gun dog people. If you would like a tour of the ranch to gain a better perspective of our vision feel free to contact me. 
Best regards,
Todd Farris
Managing Member - Prairie Prime LLC
Chairman - Epagneul Breton Foundation, Inc.
President - Chisholm Trail Epagneul Breton Gun Dog Club, Inc.


2023-2024 Hunt Season Details
October 24, 2023 - March 31, 2024

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